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Omnicode Snatch Help

Omnicode Snatch captures sound and video from Microsoft Windows desktops. It works version of MS Windows Vista and beyond.

The main dialog of Snatch includes the following:

Position - to position the capture area on the desktop.

Scale To: Select a target image size for your video.

Start Capture: Press this button to start the capture process.

Stop Capture: Press this button to stop the capture process.

Target: This field shows the target file for the captured video. You can browse and select the file using the "..." button.

Status: Shows the status of the capture process while capturing.

Play button: Will play the video once it's captured.

Open folder button: Will open the folder of the target file.

Sound source2: Selects a second sound source to dub onto the captured sound. This is in addition to capturing from the computer's audio output.

Quality: Selects the video quality of the captured video.

Help: Gives various help options.

Note on Full Screen video games. These applications use specialized rendering hardware, so they tend not to work with MS Windows screen capture software. Please run the game in Window mode instead of full screen to capture it.