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Open Office Page Numbers

Suppose you want to suppress page numbers on the first two pages in an Open Office writer document. You do this with styles.

Styles control lots of things like fonts, headers, footers, etc. in Open Office. There are different types of styles like paragraph, character, and page styles. When changing the header/footer (page number) style for a different section, it's a bit confusing because you need to select the correct style category which is page style.

1. Press F11 to get a style dialog.

2. Select the Page style icon.

3. Select or create a style you want for your section.

4. Right click to modify.

7. Unselect header or footer depending where you put your page numbers.

8. Select that style for that section.

9. At the end of the section you want to suppress page numbers, insert a manual break with a new style that has headers or footers turned on for page numbers.

If you want to start a page number in a section with something other than 1, this is a bit weird. You do it in paragraph formatting. Yes, paragraph formatting as opposed to page format.

1. Paragraph format.

2. Text flow tab

3. Breaks, enable, with page style.

4. Select the correct starting page number.