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QB 2006 Reinstallation

Someone asked me to fix her QuickBooks 2006 installation. Apparently it suddenly stopped working. In my experience this is very common for QuickBooks, sudden, inexplicable installation problem. One thing you might consider is turning auto updates off and doing it manually whenever you need to.

The problem she had, according to Intuit's site, could be solved by repairing the installation from the control panel. Of course this suggestion didn't work, not uncommon for Intuit's "fixes" for its many problems.

I tried the repair, didn't work. I tried to uninstall, which worked, but the new installation didn't work. It gave an error that the installation was "interrupted" before it could be finished. I looked around the internet where many "expert" Intuit consultants suggested things like uninstalling .net, installing QB, and then reinstalling .net. No way was I going to do that. I would rather reinstall XP from scratch. I'm not even sure if .net can be uninstalled from XP. Perhaps these people were talking about Windows 2000, who knows.

Other people suggested messing with the firewall, virus protection, and other services. I turned off what I could and nothing helped.

Finally, I installed directly from a .msi file in one of the CD's subfolder and amazingly it worked. To be fair to other people posting on Intuit message sites, this idea was suggested in a number of forms.

You can probably tell I don't like QuickBooks. I don't, and that's one of the reasons I started working on Kwacc.