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React: SyntaxError: expected expression, got '<' 02/15/2019
If your App works in your local test setup, but not on your server, you're probably pointing to the wrong application bundle. React has an irritating issue of changing the name of the bundle.js when
Setting up Git on Apache webdav 01/28/2019
This assumes that you have Apache and webdav set up correctly. Server: 1. Create folder 2. Inside folder: git --bare init git update-server-info 3. Outside folder: chown -R apache folder-na
Javascript threading and await 12/20/2018
This took me about an hour to figure out this morning. // this won't work var ard = await -getCheckValue("bsc"+year, '"Total Accounts Receivable"') + await getCheckValue("bs
How do I install all the necessary packages for React? 04/20/2018
React and Node JS can be a bit unruly in terms of package dependencies. I think these steps will also work for all Node apps, but React in particular seems to have package dependency issues. 1. De
How do I block Facebook from my computer? 03/22/2018
There's a file: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts The file resolves domain names. You can override Facebook's addresses by adding: www.facebook.com facebook.com Y
Samba share won't map by name 01/02/2018
If a Samba share will map by ip address instead of the Netbios name, make sure nmb, the netbios server is running.
SSL Certificate won't work on IIS 11/23/2017
If you just installed a new certificate on IIS and you get an error that connection is insecure, make sure you bind the new certificate to each site.
Why is Thunderbird email client so slow? 11/08/2017
There may be lots of reasons for slowness, but one big reason might be that it's rebuilding some of its internal indexes. Go to Tools/Activity Manager to see what type of activities might be slowing
Selinux resetting attributes for folder 11/01/2017
If you need to reset attributes for an entire folder, try: restorecon -RFvv /folder
How do I remove old kernels from Ubuntu /boot 11/01/2017
For over 16.04 sudo apt-get autoremove
How to get the Program Files dir in Windows c++ 04/18/2017
Here's some psuedocode. Hopefully the external references are self-explanatory. One thing that's important to understand is that when running a 32 bit app, FOLDERID_ProgramFilesX86 and FOLDERID_Prog
File Explorer flashes then closes in Windows 04/10/2017
We had a problem where File Explorer would open, flash a black screen, then close. What fixed it to go to File Explorer options, and clear the recently used file and folder history. Alternatively, y
Magic packet to wakeup on LAN 05/23/2016
This code will send a packet to a special packet to a NIC on net work 192.168.1.* to tell it to power on after it's been turned off. Change your mac[] address and the network broadcast address to sui
Rsync with cygwin messing up ACL 05/09/2016
If you're having trouble with Windows file permissions and the Access Control List on Windows syncing files with rsync, try turning off ACL in the drive mount in cygwin /cygwin/etc/fstab use noa
error D8016: '/clr' and '/EHs' command-line options are incompatible 03/02/2016
In Visual C++ these are 2 errors that you might get when building Microsoft CLR apps. error D8016: '/clr' and '/EHs' command-line options are incompatible error D8016: '/clr' and '/RTC1' command
Rename a schema/database in Mysql 02/18/2016
There's no direct and easy way to do it. The easiest thing to do is to dump and restore the database in a different schema. Something like: mysqldump -u username -p -v olddb > olddb.sql mysql
std::stringstream decimal places 12/31/2015
If you want to set the number of decimal places in a std template stream use the precision function. std::stringstream ss; ss.precision(2); ss << 100; // will get translated to 100.0
Kindle Fire won't turn off 11/05/2015
We got a new Kindle Fire and even through we long pressed the main button and get a message to turn the device off (shut it down), it wouldn't turn off. What we did was pressed the button longer even
error LNK2026: module unsafe for SAFESEH image 04/16/2015
If you get this error when linking with Visual C++ error LNK2026: module unsafe for SAFESEH image Try adding /SAFESEH:NO to the link command line
Javascript SyntaxError: expected expression, got ')' 02/20/2015
This error: SyntaxError: expected expression, got ')' Usually means that you have something like: callFunc(1,2,);
Multiple milters in postfix 02/17/2015
This is kind of a strange issue, but a lot of blogs report that milter configuration in Postfix can be something like: smtpd_milters = milter1 smtpd_milters = milter2 smtpd_milters = milter3 T
Verizon jetpack wireless Windows 8 10/02/2014
If you get no connection or "limited connectivity" with Verizon jetpack wireless hotspot with Windows 8, check that you have the latest driver updates. The drivers are under optional update
Strict standards Variable Passing warning on PHP 09/29/2014
If you get warning regarding Variable Passing on functions and "strict standards" on PHP, it probably means you have called a function by reference and passed it a value instead of a variabl
How to create an ispell dictionary in Postgresql FTS 05/06/2014
The following will add without a stop file. The files in tsearch_data are ispell_english.dict and english.affix. Some things to be aware of are selinux and utf-8 encoding. CREATE TEXT SEARCH DICT
How to convert a doc to utf-8 in Linux 05/06/2014
Most documents seem to be Latin1 or iso-8859-1. Use iconv in the command line. iconv -f iso-8859-1 -t utf-8 doc1 > doc1
Printers not showing up in Windows 7 04/30/2014
Sometimes a file gets stuck in the print spooler and crashes the spooler app. To fix it make sure the spooler is stopped, which it probably is. You can check with services.msc. Then go to \window
List Postfix mail queue 04/17/2014
Sometimes you want a listing of Postfix's mail queue. postqueue -p To clear the queue postsuper -d ALL
Setting root password in mysql 11/18/2013
from system command prompt $ mysqladmin -u root password 'newpassword' If it's a new installation run mysql_install_db beforehand and follow those instructions. Setting up a new root password a
HTML table column widths not showing properly 11/18/2013
Sometimes table column widths don't show proper widths. One of the most common reasons for this has to do with the data in the columns. Most browsers won't reduce column widths to a specified size i
Javascript setInverval runs right away 11/04/2013
Make sure you list your timer function instead of calling it. <script> function myTimer() { if (altered()) { location.reload(); } } setInterval(myTimer,60000); // correct
Boot problems with Windows 7 or lower classpnp.sys 10/14/2013
I replaced a motherboard with a seemingly exactly the same model and Windows 7 wouldn't boot. It hung and then restarted in safe mode at: /windows/system32/drivers/classpnp.sys Not that it was
Calling url with curl & PHP with same session 09/30/2013
Sometimes you need to use a currently opened session to call another url in the same site from a php script. $url = 'myrul; $cr = curl_init($url); if (session_status() == PHP_SESSION_NONE) {
Force an Android activity to landscape 09/06/2013
Inside AndroidManifest.xml <activity android:name=".youractivityName" android:screenOrientation="landscape" />
Android R.layout.main findViewById returns null 08/26/2013
Inside the main Activity findViewById seems to return null. setContentView(R.layout.main); LinearLayout ll = (LinearLayout) findViewById(R.layout.main); Apparently you need to create a sublayout
Preload images in javascript 08/13/2013
It's actually not that easy to do and since it involves callbacks to determine when things are loaded, it's susceptible to timing issues. The following works if you check to make sure things are load
Break word and hyphening in Wordpress 08/06/2013
Some of the newer themes in Wordpress have automatic word breaks for styles. If you don't like hyphenated word breaks. Comment out the following in style.css. You can make a child theme if you don'
Audio mixing attenuation function 07/25/2013
So you want to mix audio samples algorithmically say in C++, but the max value often gets blown away. For instance: .75 + .75 = 1.5; // when your max value is 1.0 The answer is an attenuation f
Android error parsing package problem 06/11/2013
All of a sudden packages that were being tested from either install from the web or emailed were giving an error reporting that the package was generating a parse error. The problem was fixed by down
Android: Resource not found exception 03/31/2013
Android: Resource not found exception Sometimes you get a "Resource not found exception" when running an Android app under development. Fix: ant clean
Set position using css div 03/31/2013
Set position using css div Something like: <div style="position:relative;left:200px;top:100px"> or <div style="position:absolute;left:200px;top:100px">
How do I get rounded corners for divs in html 03/31/2013
How do I get rounded corners for divs in html Try something like CSS: ;border-radius: 15px;-moz-border-radius: 15px;
How do I get a web browser to go back using javascript? 08/15/2012
How do I get a web browser to go back using javascript? <a href="#" onClick="history.go(-1)">Go Back</a> It seems like a dumb thing to do, but sometimes it's just nec
Mac: what is s/l/e? 08/15/2012
Mac: what is s/l/e? It's shorthand for /System/Library/Extensions . Its where OSX puts the "out of the box" drivers.
'Application not Installed' Error on Android 07/06/2012
When installing an apk to test from the web, Android sometimes gives this error: 'Application not Installed' That's after saying everything went OK. There are many reasons for the error. The most
How to get a context in Android 07/06/2012
Context classes are used in Android to do things like open files. In order to get a Context any View should be able to do it, so using your main View should work. myView.getContext(); FileOutputStr
Why doesn't IE support the HTML5 video tag? 06/15/2012
Try putting this in your page: <!doctype html>
Thunderbird vs gmail/yahoo, etc 06/15/2012
Here are some reasons you might choose to use a native application email client instead of something like gmail & yahoo mail. 1. Stability - A lot of these web based email clients change day to d
Log files in php 06/15/2012
Sometimes you want to write to a log file in PHP. There are many ways to do this. One way is this. function logFile($line) { $f = fopen ($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/logs/log.txt", "
Link error in visual c++ 11/29/2011
'_ITERATOR_DEBUG_LEVEL': value '2' doesn't match value '0' or something like it. This usually means that you have a debug library linked to a release application.
How to create a .lib file from a .dll 10/10/2011
Sometimes you only have a dll file and you want a lib file. Here's how to get a lib file from a dll. 1. You need some version of Visual C++. Run the vsvars32.bat file to get all the application path
MS Excel is not recalculating 09/29/2011
If MS Excel isn't recalculating when you change values, you probably need to set auto recalc. Tools - Options. Go to the Calculation tab and set Calculation to Automatic instead of Manual
Recursive delete in Linux 09/28/2011
To recursively delete a file in Linux use something like the following: find . -name file.ext -exec rm {} \; It works by using the find command and then the -exec parameter to execute the rm comman
Linux version of timeGetTime()? 08/04/2011
If you want to use timeGetTime() on Linux, you need to roll your own function. #include <sys/time.h> unsigned int timeGetTime() { struct timeval now; gettimeofday(&now, NULL); return no
How do I change windows permissions with a command line? 08/04/2011
To change windows permissions with a command line, use the "cacls" command.
__int64 on Linux 08/04/2011
To define __int64 on Linux use something like: #define __int64 long long A 64 bit integer on Linux is defined by long long.
There are no arguments that depend on a template parameter X 08/03/2011
If you get this error while compiling a template "There are no arguments that depend on a template parameter X" You probably need to explicitly use "this" when calling your functi
My Android GPS doesn't work 08/01/2011
If your Android GPS doesn't work. There are a number of things that could be wrong. The most likely is that you need to update to a newer version of Android. Your provider should do that automatica
jsp request referrer 07/24/2011
To get the url referrer from an HttpServletRequest use the following. String referrer = request.getHeader("referer"); Note that referer is misspelled in the header. In general HttpServlet
403 errors on Apache 04/19/2011
If you get something like "You don't have permission to access / on this server" on Apache there are at least 2 possible issues. 1. Try adding execute privs for all the directory structur
Decoding json query string PHP 04/19/2011
If you want to decode a query string that's encoded with json in PHP, use something like: $q = json_decode(urldecode($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']));
Javascript Upload iframe 04/13/2011
In order to upload a file via javascript without a page refresh and status you need to use an iframe element. An <iframe> is an inline document tag. You're not actually inlining another docume
Javascript document form submit is not a function 01/18/2011
If you get an error message like "document form submit is not a function" it probably means you have a button named "submit" in your form.
Trigger example in Mysql 11/23/2010
delimiter // CREATE TRIGGER update_header after UPDATE ON invoice_lines FOR EACH ROW BEGIN update invoice_head set total = (total + new.amount) where invoice_head.id = new.header_id; END;// delimiter
Javascript split with multiple delimiters 10/07/2010
How do you use Javascript split with multiple delimiters? Use a regular expression. var a = "2009-12-25 04:00".split(/[\s-]+/); var month=a[1]; var day=a[2]; var year=a[0];
Warning: Error in parsing value for 'cursor'. 09/27/2010
Javascript/DOM error in Firefox: Warning: Error in parsing value for 'cursor'. Declaration dropped. If you're using style="cursor:hand;" use style="cursor:pointer;" instead. &qu
Why does my postgresql function rerturn null when a parameter is null? 06/24/2010
Why does my postgresql function rerturn null when a parameter is null? Check out the "strict" attribute. You don't want to use it if you don't want this behavior.
How do I pass a Java Object to a .jsp page include? 06/24/2010
How do I pass a Java Object to a .jsp page include? <% request.setAttribute("oname", obj); %> <jsp:include page="page.jsp"> In the target page: <% Object object
Why does my JSP page add blank lines with text/plan? 06/21/2010
If you have something like: <%@ page import="java.io.*" %> <%@ page import="java.sql.*" %> <% response.setContentType("text/plain"); out.write("
error C2243: 'type cast' : conversion exists, but is inaccessible 06/17/2010
error C2243: 'type cast' : conversion exists, but is inaccessible Make sure you inherit your parent class publicly. Right: class xx1 : public yy1, public yy2 Wrong: class xx1 : public yy1, yy2
Why does VC++ give me undefined external errors with class templates? 06/08/2010
Why does VC++ give me undefined external errors with class templates? You probably need to explicitly define each class you're using the template for in the .cpp file. The compiler needs to know bef
yum update: unscriptable object error 05/30/2010
If you get an "unscriptable object" error when running yum update, try the following: yum clean metadata
error C3861: 'back_inserter': identifier not found VC++ 2010 05/13/2010
error C3861: 'back_inserter': identifier not found If you get this error when compiling apps that previously worked in VC++ 2010, you should try to add this line to you source file: #include <ite
Class 'PDO' not found error 05/06/2010
If you get a class 'PDO' not found error. It could be caused by the PDO classes not being installed in your PHP setup. Check your setup, php.ini, and do a phpinfo(). Also try checking to see if y
What's the equivalent to atoi64() on Linux? 03/19/2010
What's the equivalent to atoi64 on Linux? Check out atoll()
Bad owner or permissions on .ssh/config 03/07/2010
The file has bad permissions. If you get this error try: chmod 600 * inside the .ssh folder. It even works in cygwin on Windows.
How do I route mail through another server with Sendmail? 01/11/2010
Check out the SMART_HOST property.
How do I change a file mod time in c++? 01/07/2010
This is the windows version. The Unix version is pretty much the same, except you don't have the funny underscores. #include <sys/utime.h> void setFileModSeconds(const std::string &s, time
How do you parse a dot '.' in a regular expression? 10/30/2009
You need to use the escape character, a slash \. So in java or c/c++ you'd need to use a double slash. "\\." Since the slash needs to be escaped in the programming language.
Why doesn't split work in my String after = id.value? 10/21/2009
If you do something like: var s = document.getElementById("field"); var sa = s.split("."); It won't work. s is not a string at that point. Try: var s = new String(document.g
Why won't my wxWindow windows draw after Refresh or Update? 10/20/2009
You need to call them both. One or the other usually doesn't work for most active drawing. Refresh essentially invalidates the update region and update forces an immediate redraw. Refresh(false); U
How do I draw into a bitmap in wxWidgets? 09/22/2009
wxMemoryDC dc; wxBitmap bm(400, 400, dc); dc.SelectObject(bm); dc.SetBrush(wxBrush(wxColour(255,255,255))); dc.DrawRectangle(0, 0, 399, 399); dc.DrawLine(0, 0, 399, 399); bm.SaveFile("c:/t
Security tab missing in explorer for XP 09/14/2009
My Computer/Tools/folder options/view Uncheck Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended).
Why doesn't Journal Playback work with Vista? 09/07/2009
First of all, you need to disable UAC from command line:msconfig. Go to the Tools tab to disable. There may be a way of doing this using manifests and and application permissions, but nobody seems t
Why doesn't innerHTML work in IE? 08/20/2009
It can be a lot of different issues. Older versions of IE don't implement the property properly or even at all in some really old versions. One thing I found was that if you give two different eleme
How do I add an id/autoinc/primary key field to mysql? 07/04/2009
alter table table_name drop primary key; alter table table_name add id int(10) not null auto_increment primary key first;
Why do I get unresolved external symbols when building a wxWidgets app in Windows? 06/27/2009
For instance wxApp::Initialize. Try messing with the build Character Set. Switching to multi-byte from unicode seems to work for standard builds. If you need a unicode app, build wxWidgets with uni
In QuickBooks 2009, clients can't load from the server 06/12/2009
It's probably a firewall issue on the server. Check QuickBooks for which ports to open up on the server.
Selinux is blocking an application 06/12/2009
Try audit2allow. It doesn't always work, but it's a good start. Like most Selinux issues, it's poorly designed.
How do I access the clipboard viewer in XP/Vista 08/30/2008
The viewer is called clipbrd.exe, so you should be able to access it from a command prompt by typing clipbrd + <cr>. If you're looking for specific application data to copy to other application
In php strtotime doesn't work for euro date formats d/m/Y 07/31/2008
m/d/Y and d/m/Y are completely ambiguous for dates like 1/12/2008, 12/1/2008, etc. You need to know the format you're working with and use something like: function eurostrtotime($d) { $a = explode
Why does my Tomcat servlet/jsp lock up? 05/16/2008
In my experience the most common issue has to do with SQL connection pools. If you have the max number of connections say set to 5 and there are 6 simultaneous requests, you'll get a lockup. The most
Why is my wxWidgets app sluggish and not responsive? 03/24/2008
You might have forgotten to "consume" a wxPaintDC in your OnPaint event. void MyWindow::onPaint( wxPaintEvent &event ) { wxPaintDC dc( this ); // needed }
How do I post/get using AJAX? 03/17/2008
Here's an example that gets a select field dynamically using AJAX. genselector.jsp is a jsp file that gets the selector using java. function getSelector(sid, cid, dw) { var xmlHttp; try { // Fire
How do you get input data to post using AJAX? 03/17/2008
It's a matter of getting the select and input fields. function escapeUrl(s) { // ? others s = s.replace(/&/, "&apm;"); s = s.replace(/#/, "%23"); s = s.replace(/%/, &q
How do I create a function in mysql? 03/08/2008
Notice the following uses a custom delimiter. This is to deal with the ambiguity of the semicolon delimiter that would otherwise be used to both delimit the function body and the function declaration.
How do I get a list of triggers in mysql? 03/08/2008
How do I redirect urls in Tomcat like mod_rewrite? 03/03/2008
You can always use response.redirect("url"), but that exposes the redirection to the client. If you don't want that, use a filter. Here's some sample code for such a filter that redirects ba
How do you properly encode an ampersand in a url with javascript? 02/24/2008
The problem is that the ampersand will improperly delimit the url fields within a "get" request. The method is "replace." The regular expression syntax is a little weird, but the
How do you add a row in an html table using javascript 02/22/2008
function addRow() { var _body = document.getElementById('table1').tBodies[0]; var _row = _body.insertRow(-1); var _cell = _row.insertCell(0); _cell.innerHTML = 'col1'; _cell = _row.insertCell(1
MS VC++ 2008 manifest problems 02/04/2008
I did a clean install to Windows Vista and downloaded the latest VC++ 2008. It gave me an error every time I wanted to run my application: "The application has failed to start because its side-b
How do I clone a linux software raid drive 02/04/2008
BE CAREFUL BEFORE MESSING WITH sfdisk! MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING! sfdisk -d /dev/sda | /dev/sdc If above doesn't work, try with sdb sfdisk -d /dev/sda > sda.out sfdisk /dev/s
How do I create a case insenstive index in Postgresql 01/24/2008
CREATE INDEX tab_index ON tab (lower(col)) Say I had a table users with a username column that I wanted to be unique for both upper and lowercase versions of the name. CREATE unique INDEX users_use
How do I turn on error displaying in PHP/Apache? 01/17/2008
It's supposed to turn on by setting: display_errors = On However, the switch seems to be disabled in some builds of PHP. You'll have to do it locally when that happens: ini_set('display_errors',1)
How do I exclude dirs from Windows roaming profiles? 12/22/2007
Put the folder in: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System\ExcludeProfileDirs It's a bit weird, though. Sometimes it's not where MS claims it will be. If you can't find it, do
How do I get vsftpd to work with SELinux 11/18/2007
If it won't let vsftp change to the user's home directory, try: /usr/sbin/setsebool -P ftp_home_dir=1
How do I get a backup of an entire postgresql server 11/18/2007
Use pg_dumpall. Depending on how you set up your access permissions it would be something like: pg_dumpall -h localhost -U postgres > db.out To restore: psql -f db.out -h localhost -U postgres
Rsync ssh with port different than 22 11/11/2007
For port 100 use --rsh 'ssh -p 100' for instance rsync -avz --rsh 'ssh -p 100' /home/mydir
How do I use snprintf on Windows? 11/10/2007
The Windows equivalent is sprintf_s. #if WIN32 #define snprintf sprintf_s #endif
How do I concatenate files using Windows (dos) copy? 11/09/2007
It's something trivial, but sometimes you want to do it. copy /b file1+file2 dest Use the /b so windows knows it's a binary file. If you don't want the verification prompt copy /y /b file1+file2
How do I call a console app from a windows program? 11/08/2007
Here's how I call ffmpeg from a windows app. HANDLE read, write; SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES sec; ZeroMemory(&sec,sizeof(sec)); sec.nLength = sizeof(sec); sec.bInheritHandle = TRUE; CreatePipe(&
My network is sluggish. What's going on? 11/08/2007
Lots of reasons for this. If it's just not working, look at the cable and the hub/router/switches. The most common and often overlooked reason for slow network and service response is naming probl
How do I create custom error pages in Tomcat? 11/06/2007
You create the error page first and then link to it in your web.xml file for your context. For instance: error_401.jsp inside your root web directory. <error-page> <error-code>401<
Upgrade to XP then automatic updates fail 10/09/2007
I had a problem after upgrading a computer from Windows 2000 to XP Professional. The update worked but automatic updates didn't work after that. They kept failing. There are plenty of "solutio
Software RAID on Fedora and Centos 10/07/2007
One of the things I never can remember is how to set up a software raid on the Fedora/Centos visual installer. Basically you need to remember that RAID creates a device that exists much like a hard d
Manifests and Visual C++ runtimes 10/07/2007
New runtime dlls for MSVC need to be shipped with a manifest file. This basically a security precaution so a malicious program can't run a false copy of msvcr80.dll for instance. The file you need t
Tomcat UTF8 URLS 07/27/2007
If you want to use UTF-8 URLS in Tomcat, remember to put in your connector in server.xml URIEncoding="UTF-8". <Connector port="8080" maxThreads="150" minSpareThreads=
DirectoryIndex 06/13/2007
DirectoryIndex on Apache. I wanted to set my site up so index.php becomes the default page for a site instead of index.html. As is often with Apache, seemingly simple configuration settings involve
QB 2006 Reinstallation 06/13/2007
Someone asked me to fix her QuickBooks 2006 installation. Apparently it suddenly stopped working. In my experience this is very common for QuickBooks, sudden, inexplicable installation problem. One
ld versus gcc 06/13/2007
I was having a problem with a Makefile in Linux. I had a line something like: ld filelist to link a shared library. I would get all sorts of missing references at runtime, for instance fstat and f
Calling Open Office from C++ on Windows 05/31/2007
Calling Open Office from C++ on Windows. I want to be able to do this to let my app users view tabular data in a spreadsheet format. I export to the Office 2003 xml format which Open Office reads.
MYSQL privileges 05/23/2007
Some miscellaneous privilege commands. These are useful for diagnosing privilege problems on mysql. mysql> grant all privileges on *.* to 'user'@''; mysql> flush privileges; You
Code for Screen Capture with wxWidgets 05/09/2007
This is a weird sort of mixture. It uses both native Windows code as well as wxWidgets code. If anybody knows if there's a wxWidgets equivalent to GetDesktopWindow, please let me know. Then there w
Open Office Page Numbers 04/23/2007
Suppose you want to suppress page numbers on the first two pages in an Open Office writer document. You do this with styles. Styles control lots of things like fonts, headers, footers, etc. in Open
Linux Add Disk 02/28/2007
To add a new disk in Linux. hdc will change depending on the partition you use, hda, hdb, hdc, etc. This is for ext3 file systems. fdisk /dev/hdc mkfs -t ext3 /dev/hdc1 then fstab
Selinux issues 02/28/2007
There are many Selinux issues that appear when installing new systems. These give errors on seemingly simple installs. Typical problems are from daemons (servers) that upload files like Samba and FT
Tomcat and UTF8 02/28/2007
Tomcat jsp pages don't serve utf8 properly without the following tag: <%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8" %> Also, if you want to get utf8 urls to work, put the followi
Disappearing email 02/28/2007
Had a problem with email disappearing from a Thunderbird 1.5/imap/Dovecot installation. My inbox was not retaining email. Sometimes it would appear for a few seconds and then disappear. At first I
Count Distinct Postgresql 02/28/2007
Sometimes you want to count a the distinct set of rows returned in a complex query. There's no select count(distinct x, y). You need to do someting like the following: select count(*) from (select
Before replacing your hard drive 02/28/2007
Modern hard disk drives are very reliable. The most common cause of hard drive failure is a bad IDE ribbon cable.
Rsync on Windows 02/28/2007
Rsync works well on Windows. You should use Cygwin's version of it. It won't build on Mingw. MingW is "Minimalist GNU for Windows." It won't build because there are parts of it that Ming
NTP on Windows 02/28/2007
In order to automatically adjust system time to an NTP server on Windows 2000, you need to set some registry variables HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\Parameters On XP yo
ffmpeg on Fedora 02/28/2007
While building and installing ffmpeg on Fedora core 4, I ran into this problem. The standard installation with lame configured couldn't find the lame shared library. This is because lame puts the li
ffmpeg and jpegs 02/28/2007
The documentation for ffmpeg on manipulating single jpeg frames is a bit obscure. As of the time of this writing the FAQ on using jpegs is incorrect. It suggests using the -img jpeg switch which wil
C++ with gcc 02/28/2007
I was compiling a program "test.cpp" with gcc on Linux. I got the error message undefined reference to '__gxx_personality_v0'. A little research showed that the compiler needed to know it
Form Focus 02/28/2007
In html forms if you want to make a specific field get the input focus on load, do something like the following: <script> document.myForm.myField.focus(); </script> Put it after the form
Objects Not Printing in Word 02/28/2007
Ran into a problem with MS Word 2003. Images would display in the editor and could be manipulated, but they wouldn't show up when printed. It turned out to be a configuration problem with the progra
MSVC lib file from .def file 02/28/2007
Sometimes you need a .lib file and all you have is a list of function names (.def). You can do this using the lib.exe utility that comes with MS Developer Studio. First you need to set Dev Studio's
Virtual Domain Permissions on Apache 02/28/2007
Apache appears to be very picky about the permissions used to serve content on virtual domains. You need to make the directory searchable which is is chmod o+x for the entire path to the content direc
Adobe Illustrator Gradient Color 02/28/2007
You need to select a gradient color from the view/gradient colors.
Roaming Profiles 02/28/2007
To update a MS Windows/Samba network system when the roaming profiles won't sync. This happens when you switch to new servers? The symptoms are that you can't write to the MS profiles, i.e. changes